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Knitting, warping, laminating, cutting, sewing

The whole spectrum of processing and finishing cloth - innovative, sustainable and certified.

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Our brands


Pre Applied System – Made by car-ita

High process reliability, even coating, low energy consumption: carimelt® is the future of Hotmelt coating.

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Sterility – made by car-ita

Catalytically active substances to fight contaminants and germs: cariclean® filter technology beats them all.

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Feel-good guarantee – made by car-ita

Air-permeable spacers and membranes in textile structures open up multiple applications in fashion and wellness.

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Quality of life – made by car-ita

Antibacterial, heatable and breathable: carimed® assists outpatient care and treatment.

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Our sites

car-ita Germany

Kirkel, Saarland

» Hotmelt adhesive laminating machines
» Band laminating and cutting machine
» Cable protection systems
» Functional textiles
» Contactless adhesive coating

Flexible processing widths
up to 2,550 mm max.

Daily capacity
> 50,000 LM

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car-ita France

Bitche, Moselle department

» CNC cutting (upside-down)
» Laser cutting
» Automatic stitching tables
» High bay warehouse

Daily capacity
> 120,000 cuts

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car-itex France

Bitche, Moselle department

» Warping
» Knitting

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