Bitche, France

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car-ita, France

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car-ita started production in a new location in Bitche at the end of 2015: cutting, sewing and tailoring to the very highest standard.

High-precision cut-outs, e.g. trim parts for doors or dashboards in the automotive industry are produced here. The machinery is of the very latest technological standard and satisfies all requirements for quality and precision. Multi-layer CNC cutter, single layer CNC cutter and laser cutters are available for a wide variety of cuts: the most sensitive materials can be processed, and so preventing fraying when cutting, for example.

car-ita France SARL
Zone Industrielle
Chemin de Dambach
F-57230 Bitche
Tele. +33 (0)3 87 06 62 00


Optical control systems – a proprietary development of car-ita – ensure consistent quality of dimensions, outlines, material thickness, color and gloss requirements for surfaces. Only perfect products are stored in special high-rack bays to leave the factory as JIT call-off orders. Photographic archiving and 100% traceability make the process transparent and traceable.


This means we cut, laser, sew, check, store, pack and deliver according to customers’ requirements and deadlines – unique for this combination of standards and quality.