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Innovation and tradition in Kirkel, Saarland
car-ita, Germany

The headquarters in Kirkel


We have been successfully represented at our Kirkel location in Germany for more than 20 years.

Under the motto "The way is the goal!" we have constantly worked on our technological development in order to meet the needs of our customers.

As our latest achievement, a highly efficient adhesive laminating line enables us to open up new markets in Hometex or Buildtech and to produce products for corresponding requirements and solutions. The precise calender technology combined with Powderscreen (powder coating) and film lamination enables the processing of materials up to a working width of 2,500 mm.

car i.t.a. GmbH & Co. KG
Julius-Probst-Straße 4
D-66459 Kirkel-Limbach
Tel. +49 (0) 68 41 / 81 78 0


We use recycled materials and adhesives from renewable raw materials and pursue a "zero waste concept": Reducing carbon dioxide emissions and recycling residual materials are key aspects of our production lines. The hotmelt lamination used here makes a significant contribution to the balance sheet: Lower energy consumption and reduced emissions are decisive ecological advantages.

The technology of hotmelt lamination also offers outstanding product properties: it is permeable to air and even moisture, can be laminated without bubbles, can be perfectly matched to the material used and offers clearly defined process sequences with consistent results.

Thus, the used and perfected hotmelt lamination is superior to the alternative flame lamination or spray adhesives in many aspects.

Efficiency and high product quality are also the strengths of a properly installed hotmelt laminating line.

» Hotmelt adhesive laminating lines
» Strips laminating and cutting system
» Cable protection systems
»Functional textiles
» Non-contact adhesive coating

Flexible processing up to max. 2,550 mm width
Capacity per day > 50,000 lm