Kirkel, Germany

Innovation and tradition
car-ita, Germany

Company headquarters in Kirkel


For 16 years, car-ita, with its headquarters in Kirkel, has stood for design, quality, innovation and customer focus: here we create special composites and textiles for the automotive industry, apparel and wellness sectors as well as for buildings and sailing boats. Multi-layer material composites undergo a special Hotmelt lamination process to become high-quality products for a wide variety of applications.

car i.t.a. GmbH & Co. KG
Julius-Probst-Straße 4
D-66459 Kirkel-Limbach
Tel. +49 (0) 68 41 / 81 78 0


We use recycling materials and adhesives from renewable raw materials and follow a "zero waste concept": reducing carbon emissions and recycling waste materials are key aspects of our production lines. Our Hotmelt lamination process plays a significant part in our energy balance: lower energy consumption and carbon emissions are a decisive advantage in ecological terms.

But the Hotmelt lamination process also offers excellent product features: it is air and even moisture-permeable; it offers blister-free lamination, can be adapted perfectly to the material used and ensures clearly defined process cycles with consistent results.


This perfected Hotmelt lamination process is superior in many ways to the alternatives of flame lamination or spray adhesives.

Efficiency and high product quality are further benefits of a correctly installed Hotmelt lamination machine.