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carimelt® is a specially developed thermoplastic adhesive intended specially for materials with high resistance to plasticizers.

The adhesive can be used in pre-applied technology and pre-applied to rolled goods. This means optimum handling and timing in production, storage, forwarding and processing. The pre-produced goods can optionally be glued on site by applying heat.

No air extraction or purification system is required; there are no risks of fire or explosion, as is the case with other adhesive technologies.

Consequently our technology is low-maintenance, precise, sustainable, flexible.

Surface feel

The open adhesive dot structure creates shear stresses on the adhesive dots only and not over the whole surface, resulting in an improved surface feel and soft touch to the material.


The open adhesive dot structure prevents air bubbles, resulting in optimized and smoother appearance and grain.


Shear stresses are especially reduced in edge-folded parts.


The energy needed to activate the adhesives drops in proportion to the amount of adhesive points.

Structure: positive grain (left), negative grain (right)


Applying the adhesive follows a positive or negative nap structure. This reduces shear stress when processing and ensures accurate application according to shape and uniform coating.

This means areas joined homogeneously by adhesive without distortion or tension so goods can be processed without increasing stress.

Simply perfect.