Not all laminating is the same:
There are different methods - we have the best and the most environmentally friendly.

Various adhesive systems and coatings based on solvents or water have serious disadvantages: some of them are highly flammable, energy-consuming or sensitive to moisture and can cause skin irritations. In any case, they are not ideal for compounds with the highest demands.

Our production is based on compounds with significant advantages for laminations and coatings on a thermoplastic basis or with reactive systems:

  • high process accuracy
  • adhesive and system can be optimally matched to the materials used
  • low energy consumption during further processing
  • pre-applicable, therefore perfect production timing and storage possible
  • Exact, precise cutting of materials possible
  • Ecological advantage over other techniques
  • Low emissions
  • Sorted, ideal for recycling

We prove this every day, among other things with our established brands: